We had a wonderful natural birth experience because of the support of Debbie! She particularly gave me faith in my body’s ability to have a wonderful birthing experience. I felt confident knowing that she was a labor and delivery nurse for 20 years and understood the medical side of childbirth.
— Jessica
I give Debbie tons of credit for giving me the confidence to have a natural, unmedicated birth, and for guiding my husband and me through our awesome labor and delivery.
— Joanie M
Debbie was AMAZING. Not only were her meetings prior to delivery helpful, but being able to email her and call her with questions prior to delivery was so comforting. She was quick to reply and I felt more comfortable asking her than calling my doctor.
— Whitney
She was wonderful during my labor as she coached me through each contraction and helped calm me down. She also made a post-partum visit to confirm everything with me and the baby were going well. I would highly recommend her and am excited to use her again for my next baby.
— Marie